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Administrative & Regulatory
In this area you can expect an unmatched level of dedication from our legal experts that will only be comparable to the results we achieve for our clients. Administrative law touches all business activities which are in any way subject to statutory control or regulation. It not only affects companies which deal directly with Government by engaging in major projects, but also any business or business sector whose scope may be limited or rendered less competitive as a result of new legislation or direct or indirect governmental intervention and acts. Our team is unmatched in counselling and representation of clients in matters before county, city and Government agencies and administrative bodies. Highly analytical and creative experts will get into the foundation of your concerns and issues and then guide you through all the necessary steps towards a mutually beneficial end result.
Banking & Finance
In this area you can expect counselling and representation not only with respect to lending and regulatory compliance, but also with respect to securitizations, payment systems, electronic banking, data security, risk management and any other need that our clients might have. We address all the needs that a bank or other financial institution might have. Our team is practiced in all spheres of the financial sector and ensures that our clients are safeguarded against any risks connected to doing any financial deals. We are fully aware that financial institutions deal with high stake transactions and deal making. As experienced lawyers we offer comprehensive counselling on all regulations concerning the financial markets.
Competition / State aid
In this area you can expect our team to be involved and solve the most complex antitrust and competition challenges for businesses. We offer clients inside look and an invaluable service encompassing all matters of antitrust and competition law both locally and across borders. Our legal professionals are versed in dealing with merger clearances, government probes, antitrust litigation, proceedings before national authorities and all other concerns that our clients might face. In addition, members of our team have considerable experience when it comes to advising in the area of State Aid, e.g. filing a State Aid notification and representing in the proceedings of ex post state aid control, both before domestic and international authorities. We have a deep-seated understanding of antitrust and competition regulations which enables us to solve issues or prevent them from occurring. Furthermore, we know what can go wrong and how to stop that from occurring by ensuring that our clients fully comply with relevant legislation. As an emerging market and an EU candidate country, the Republic of Serbia is an attractive market for many transnational companies that are eager to enter in the market through acquisitions. We can make sure that your business operations are fully aligned with competition legislation.
Corporate / M & A
In this area you can expect OM&Partners' full spectrum of renowned corporate services, and its specialized and experienced lawyers are incomparable by the quality of results they produce. Our main services include, but are not limited to traditional corporate representation, mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financing, and corporate governance, as well as securities regulations and compliance. Recognizing the fact that every business is unique we tailor our services to your needs and, therefore, we closely get to know the business needs of each of our clients. We are fully aware that every company has its own story, therefore we deal with deal with companies of all sizes, i.e., entrepreneurs, SME's, and transnational conglomerates, all while maintaining an approach that covers all aspects of corporate transactions and/or governance. Business-oriented approach highlighted through our results-first mindset and industry expertise is what separates us from other law firms. This approach accompanied by the relationships we build with our clients is what makes our services unparalleled.
Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity
In this area you can expect our team to help you navigate the often-complex requirements of privacy and data security laws. It is a topic that is only gaining momentum as time passes and it's a question of when a company will need to comply with Data Protection and Privacy legislation. These fields are relatively new and changes keep making them a perplexing issue for many businesses. OM&Partners' stellar team of lawyers are adept in areas concerning data-related legislation and are kept in high regard when dealing with these matters. However, data protection and privacy cannot exist without making sure that data is secure. Furthermore, we will ensure that you comply with all regulations concerning collection, use and handling of personal data. Security measures are unquestionably necessary to protect the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of your information, and our team will help you reach the highest standards of data protection.
Dispute Resolution
In this area you can expect our team to offer you full spectrum services aimed at resolving all disputes our clients might face. Most notably, our team of legal experts provides innovative and ground-breaking results in the litigation and arbitration proceedings. The litigation and arbitration capabilities of our lawyers are second to one because of our result-oriented ethos. Providing the best possible service and result to our clients is a top priority for us. More precisely, we handle litigation and arbitration proceedings involving a wide variety of issues, such as securities, derivatives, M&A, sovereign debt, product liability, investment treaties, antitrust, bankruptcy, white-collar crime, employment, executive compensation, intellectual property, general commercial disputes, professional negligence, civil disputes, and any proceedings before administrative bodies. Protecting your business and interests is paramount to us and we have seasoned lawyers ready to once again prove why we are one of the leading law firms when it comes to dealing with dispute resolution matters.
In this area you can expect our team to fully alleviate our clients' concerns and any workplace related issues managing a workforce and compliance with labour and employment regulations, which is no easy feat for any business. Employment relationships represent a vital part of any business and are a major concern for both the employer and the employee, but they also bring a variety of challenges. Our firm and our team that specializes in Employment and Compensation will be right there to guide you through the maze of compliance with employment legislation. Regardless of the size of your company, steadfast lawyers and consultants are always a must when dealing with employment issues. You can rest assured that our team will diligently work to make your business more efficient by ensuring that your company fully complies with any employment regulations.
Energy, Infrastructure & PPP
In this area you can expect our team to provide professional and dedicated legal assistance in local and cross-border investment opportunities, in all aspects of energy, infrastructure, and PPP matters, including renewable energy project development and financing. We will provide full scope of solutions to our clients, including project finance, negotiation of commercial contracts, supply agreements and license agreements. Our team of experienced lawyers will advise and guide companies through the M&A transactions, particularly regarding due diligence, joint ventures, regulatory and government agreements. Our experience includes project financing and development, M&A, competition, real estate, construction and dispute in the energy sector.
Environment & Climate Change
In this area you can expect advising clients on administrative proceedings, litigation, enforcement, and legislative matters, while deeply understanding regulatory aspects of environmental law at the regional, national, and EU level. The mission of managing environmental risks and liabilities and solving environmental regulatory challenges has never been more critical to the success of all types of enterprises than it is these days. Currently, domestic and international environmental regulatory regimes are making new obligations for enterprises doing businesses worldwide. Despite increasing obligations, both business and the environment can win. Being green is no longer a cost of doing business, it is a catalyst for innovation and new market opportunity.
EU Law
In this area you can expect our team's many years' experiences gained by dealing with the special rules and rights laid down by the EU institutions. EU law encompasses commercial law, competition law, environmental law, media, sports, tax, employment and discrimination, and telecommunications. In all these fields, EU law is constantly evolving and there is serious need for professional advising by experts who deal with this topic on a daily basis. Our field of action covers all issues and problems related to the EU law, such as antitrust cases, stated aid, trade rules, public procurement and many others that are especially important for all companies operating in the region, due to the commitments that Serbia and its neighbors have undertaken as part of the accession negotiations, i.e., commitments to harmonize domestic legislation with EU law
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Regulatory regimes of foreign direct investment (FDI) are becoming more and more important in countries throughout the world, as they begin to play a key role in cross-border transactions. Without a professional and careful preparation before the start of a transaction, FDI rules may become deal breakers or expose transactions to serious challenges and increased costs.
Intellectual Property (IP)
In this area you can expect a complete range of Intellectual Property legal services for enforcing, defending, commercializing, exploiting and acquiring patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, and data, whether standalone, in M&A deals, or in a variety of other transactions. Protecting intellectual property rights became demanding job for companies, which often have complex IP portfolios and operations in different jurisdictions with special IP laws.
Pro Bono
'There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets depends on the amount of money he has.' - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black (1964) In this area you can expect offering of pro bono legal services to organizations and individuals that cannot afford legal assistance. Challenging pro bono work is the cornerstone of our practice. We deem pro bono as critically important for bringing into being our ambition to get back to our community in a meaningful way. The Firm provides these services as a responsibility to our profession and a will to deliver results alongside expert support in all fields of law. The Firm’s pro bono initiatives are chosen in accordance to the firms’ strategy and shared values. Over and above, the latitudinarian approach of OM&Partners to pro bono practice affords full resources of the Firm being brought to bear in support of every chosen pro bono matter and that’s why they are chosen carefully When we decide to deal with a topic, nothing can stop our devotion!
Public Affairs
In this area you can expect wise lawyers and top-notch government affairs consultants to provide strategic approach in analyzing public policy. Successful corporations must interact and engage with the national authorities due to secure a position of a significant factor in the decision-making process of relevant legislative authorities. A strong public affairs strategy is an essential part of any corporate business plan and produces a clear path toward the realization of the business.
Public Procurement
In this are you can expect advising on structuring and running clients' procurement procedures with special attention being brought to timelines and budget, considering that public procurement procedures tend to run on tight deadlines. With quite an important role to play in the public life, legitimate and punctual public procurement procedures allow public entities to obtain best value-for-money goods or services from private businesses. OM&Partners advises clients on complex projects, especially in the areas our multi-disciplinary practice which includes lawyers from our corporate, dispute, competition and real estate teams, so in that way we can guarantee that we can efficiently deal with any procurement procedure and any issue that may follow. We combine our legal experience with a practical approach and deep knowledge of industries in which our clients operate; therefore, we can help and provide practical advice and identify all possible solutions.
Real Estate
In this are you can expect full service in real estate dealings. In today's environment, every law firm should be able to offer expertise in the area of real estate. Amongst other, this involves a varied and often highly complex set of activities centering on sales and acquisitions, title, land use, environmental, development, leasing, finance, joint ventures, restructuring and litigation. You will need a team by your side to navigate this rapidly changing multijurisdictional legal environment, whether you are an investor, lender, developer, landowner, tenant, buyer or seller of real estate, or you need someone with skills in addressing tax concerns and working with developers to obtain permits, approvals and debt and equity financing for retail, office, residential, industrial and hospitality projects. An emblem of our practice is our use of carefully selected teams to undertake sophisticated and complex due diligence projects. We have a deep understanding of the real estate business and thus we are able to provide our clients with high-quality legal counsel and practical solutions.
Restructuring & Insolvency
In this are you can expect our team being equipped to advise and represent clients in a restructuring or an out-of-court arrangement as well as in any potential proceedings arising from legal actions taken against the insolvent entity. Insolvency law governs the position of businesses that are in financial difficulties and unable to repay their debts as they become due which may lead to insolvency proceedings. With an outstanding interest in the world of business and finance, our team has sky-scraping levels of commercial awareness and excellent persuasive communication skills in this academically demanding area of law. With Restructuring & Insolvency being such a demanding field, developing practical, integrated solutions to the issues that confront businesses and investors in distressed situations, is our primary goal. Our lawyers gained an extensive experience in helping businesses which face insolvency or heavy debt burdens as a result of changing market conditions, and up to the task in handling sizeable contentious insolvency matters. We are here to advise you on the best course of action to follow.
In this area you can expect customized strategies for you and your individual cases which require deep knowledge of national and international tax laws, tax treaties, regulations and associated ramifications. Whether the tax issues involve a single country or are cross-border, whether an issue is of a civil or criminal tax nature, a controversy or investigation may arise, and that is where we step in. Our lawyers masterly develop effective solutions for any matter in question and proficiently foresee any legal affair that may arise in the future. Above all, we take time to provide high-caliber tailored approach to any client, whether the subject at hand is VAT-related, personal income tax or a tax litigation.
Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)
In this area you can expect our team to provide a wide range of legal advice including mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and competition, compliance and TMT regulatory advice, finance, capital markets, litigation and tax. TMT is probably the most evolving area of law these days. A lot of work in the TMT sector focuses on new media and technology developments, such as the internet, mobile telephony, data protection and privacy laws, e-commerce issues and fraud prevention.
Web3 & Digital Assets
OM & Partners’ Digital Assets & Web3 team is a cutting-edge practice group that provides legal guidance and regulatory advice to innovators, investors, and businesses operating in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and digital assets. Our team has a deep understanding of the technology and the regulatory landscape, enabling us to help clients navigate the complex legal issues surrounding digital assets and Web3. We advise clients across the digital asset and Web3 ecosystem, including startups, venture capital firms, tech companies, exchanges, marketplaces, and institutional infrastructure providers. We assist clients with a range of legal issues, from structuring compliant stablecoins and tokenized assets, to advising on enforcement and dispute resolution matters involving regulatory authorities, the National Bank of Serbia and the Securities Commission.In addition, OM & Partners’ Digital Assets & Web3 team has significant experience advising on tax matters related to digital assets and cryptocurrency transactions. We understand the unique tax implications and requirements that arise in this field and work closely with our clients to ensure compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations, including advising on tax incentives and reliefs available for innovative startups and companies developing R&D projects.
White Collar Investigations
In this area you can expect our team to frequently conduct internal investigations, compliance checks, and internal controls reviews, and to audits carefully tailored to their business and industry. Clients choose our preeminent white-collar practice for representation in high-profile and complex defense matters, including government and internal investigations and enforcement proceedings. World-wide, multinational companies face growing legal challenges. Issues can arise in the normal course of operations that lead to fraud and abuse allegations thus requiring experienced advisors who understand the implications. We are representing our clients in their most sensitive matters.
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